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North Coast Native Art is a small, production enterprise dedicated to showcasing talented North Coast artists.

We share our artist's dedication to detail. We use only the finest materials to produce museum-quality prints. For paper we use acid-free, 100% cotton fine art paper. We use HP Viviera pigment inks since it has a guaranteed brilliant and enduring color that lasts for generations.

Original art is scanned and faithfully reproduced, adhering to the highest quality. We make no changes to the artist's design. We simply produce the best possible, museum-grade prints, which are often limited editions signed and numbered by the artist. These get the greatest attention. They are mounted by hand using acid-free tape, mats, and backing, then enclosed in clear-plastic sleeves for protection.

We principally work with Will Foulkes, enrolled in the Tsimshian tribe. Will has ties to his ancestral roots at Metlakatla, Alaska, but lives in Tacoma, Washington. Will spent years studying the carvings of his ancestors and has a unique way of translating the carved images he studied onto a flat surface. The bulk of his work is uses traditional red and black colors and formlines.

Occasionally he deviates from traditional Tsimshian styles and comes up with such striking creations, as the bear in three colors at right, or the extremely untraditional butterfly.

Please keep visiting as we expand our inventory.

To contact us: please call (509) 860-5323
or email us at: northcoastart@gmail.com

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